Taken – NRR Podcast #4

This is going to be hard to hear. It was even harder to put out here. This is the story of lost children, families torn apart, government overreach, a deeply flawed system, fundamental injustice and tyranny, all wrapped up as protection of the vulnerable and tied up with a neat ribbon that connects it to the worst aspects of our society, including racism, sexism, class prejudice, economic injustice, corrupt exercise of power, the prison-industrial complex, and more.


It’s All About that Roux

Roux. “Roo.” You make it because it’s a requirement for many Creole/Cajun dishes and lots of others as well. Also for gravy. Gravy should be brown! I wish I could show you the conniption fit my grandmother had when she first encountered white gravy. But that’s another story. Don’t hate.

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gumbo z herbes

Gumbo z’ Herbes

I can hear my great-grandmother Emma Keller humming in the kitchen and stirring this pot right here. There are two different ways to make gumbo z’ herbes. The first is as a meatless meal, traditionally made on Holy Thursday and eaten on Good Friday. The second approach is to put the meat in it and eat it on Thursday. Me, I say it’s too good to eat only once a year so go for it.

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My personal favorite — collard greens! I do enjoy a good mess of mixed greens, though. Turnips, beet tops, mustards, kale, spinach. All good and very good for you. You cook ’em all the same, although cooking times vary.  One bunch of greens feeds 2-4 people.

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Best Cornbread Evah!

No kidding, this is really good cornbread. I’m gonna give you a few different recipes. The baked versions rely upon using a good cast-iron pan. I have the one in the pic above, but you don’t have to go out and buy something. If you don’t have a cast iron pan or skillet, use a regular baking pan. An 8 x 8″ square metal or glass pan will do just fine. You will note that the batter doesn’t have butter in it. You can use melted butter in place of the oil if you want but you’ll get more butter taste from the butter you put in the pan.

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NAPPY ROOTS RADIO is a podcast hosted by  Camille Landry and produced with the support of UpWave Media, a project of the Center for Conscience in Action.
Camille is gonna serve up news, commentary, art, good food and insurrection for 30 minutes every two weeks. So, hold on!


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